Start Spreading The News (telling your mates)

Depending on what you’ve decided to do, now is the moment to shout it from the rooftops! Or if you have a fiancé like mine, plot the most effective and fancy way of informing the world you have a baby on the way instead of just getting your mates together at the pub and dropping it into the conversation.

It’s a very personal matter and sending a text to the group doesn’t quite cut it. It was important for us to do this in a nice way for our immediate family and close friends. So we got some fancy boxes, put a baby grow wrapped in tissue paper inside and booked in to see brothers, sisters, mum and dads and close friend to let them know. It happened to be the few weeks my parents weren’t available for face to face, and a bloody long few weeks they were as well! But the excitement and happy tears as a result of the news made the wait worth it.

Do it how you like, but a bit of theatre never hurt anyone. As I’ll keep saying, these moments don’t come around very often.

Telling Your Mates

Depending on how close to your chest you want to keep your news that might be it for you. We were conscious of telling work at this stage for a few reasons and therefore were selective with the wider audience we told. But we reached a point where she was starting to show, and it was that awkward stage of, did she scoff a lot of mince pies at Christmas or is there a baby in there. So she sculpted her Instagram. post to the masses…

Baby Instagram Reveal

…and I planned a trip to the pub.

My mates, like most lads are into beer, being abusive to one another, playing football and going to the pub. So I thought I’d take it to their second home to break the news. It was a Wednesday night… darts night for a couple of them so I made it seem as normal as possible and went for a midweek pint, baby photos in tow. I wouldn’t change my mates for the world, some I can tell anything to, others we’re more than happy sitting in silence drinking pints… there’s one for every mood. and that’s what made this situation so unpredictable. I wasn’t going for anything dramatic, and I managed to slip it into conversation after a couple of beers… fortunately no darts went rogue, most were over the moon and a couple needed the scan photo evidence to believe it. Of course I was met with a speech on how I’d “never go out again”… but that’s what friends are for.


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