Let’s Talk About Pets

Let me introduce you to Archie and Indie.

Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Age: 6
Neediness: 100/10
Friendliness: 100/10
Notes: Lovely lad but sees himself as the baby of the family. He quite literally holds on when you pick him up. Also doesn’t mind a bit of dressing up!


Cat (if you couldn’t tell)
Age: 3
Neediness: 2/10
Friendliness: 10/10
Notes: Mostly concerned about food, brings dead animals home, happy to be picked up and played with and is the reason I now like cats.

(butter wouldn’t melt, right?)

These little lads are a genuine joy to live around, really entertaining and only annoying 5% of the time. As you can see above I would trust them in many a situation, around animals, around people and around kids, but around babies? well that’s going to be a new situation for us, and one we aren’t going to take lightly.

At the moment this house is theirs, their territory, their space. Now throw a whaling little human into the mix, with new smells (all varieties I’m sure), new noises, and more importantly needs, it changes the perspective on the safety of animals. Put it this way, if you had a new uninvited roommate come barging in, putting their stuff in your space and leaving their scent wherever they go with no such thing as an introduction you’d be less than impressed. This is no different.

Admittedly, I’ve had to do some research around this as with almost everything it’s all brand new to me/us. I can’t claim to know all of this, I have picked some points I’ve found off my good mate Google. Hopefully the following will help when introducing your baby into a house with animals:

  • Before you bring your baby home, bring an item from the hospital for your pet to sniff this “makes an introduction”. Make sure you do it from a distance to establish the item as yours and that you have to give permission to sniff.
  • Creating boundaries around key areas such as the nursery are important. Archie and Indie are allowed to walk around all areas of the house, Indie likes to find any comfy spot to make his bed, whereas Archie is quite happy downstairs, so doors will be closed to avoid any upset.
  • Take your dog on a long walk, drain their energy and return in a calm state, both you and the dog. Slowly introduce the baby, a bit at a time until you’re confident.
  • Don’t forget the dog! In our house Archie and Indie get A LOT of attention. For that
    to disappear would go very much noticed by both of them. With Archie that will result in jealousy as he’s almost been an ‘Only Child’ and with Indie more than likely scratching items around the house! Spread the love people.

As with everything in these new situations it’s not supposed to be doom and gloom or an almighty life change in all aspects. Just respect the process and everything should fall into place. Also, what’s cuter than a baby and a Cocker Spaniel that get along? not a whole lot!


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